Tips For Traveling On A Disney Cruise With An Autistic Child

If you are planning an awesome Disney cruise vacation for your family, there is a good chance that you are taking all of your children's needs into consideration. This can be stressful if one of your children has autism. The reason for this is that children with autism tend to have additional needs that other children do not. You might be worried that a cruise might be too much for your child. Here are some tips for traveling on a Disney Cruise with a child that is suffering from autism:

1. Bring Headphones

Cruises can tend to get loud. There might be shows below deck that are loud enough for you to hear while in your room. There are going to be a lot of people. Buy your child a pair of well-fitting, high-quality noise canceling headphones. This will allow him or her to be able to control the level of noise that he or she is exposed to, which can help him or her limit his or her overstimulation and have a good time.

2. Let the Cast Members Know Ahead of Time

Be sure that you let the cast members on the cruise know ahead of time about your child's special needs. Cast members, especially those in character, are trained to know how to approach children with autism. Letting them know ahead of time can help you ensure that every interaction that your child has with a cast member is successful.

3. Sit on the Aisle When Going to Shows

If you choose to attend a show with your child, be sure that you sit on the aisle so that you can easily and politely make a quick exit if the show should become too much for your child. This will allow you to make sure that he or she is able to have the opportunity to experience everything without being locked into a situation that he or she is uncomfortable with.

4. Try the Kids Clubs

Finally, consider taking your child to the kid's clubs that are onboard. They are also trained to handle special needs children and will be able to cope with many challenges that your child might have. Evaluate if it would be good to let your child spend some time there without you. If it is not, feel free to spend as much time with your child in the kids club as you need.

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